This Tiny Gadget Can Improve Your Posture In Big Ways

If you're looking for a discreet and immediate way to start improving your posture, the Lumo Lift is the gadget you should try.

I have poor posture for two reasons: I have scoliosis—which means my spine curves to the side—and the muscles in my back are weak. Those two things mixed with constantly sitting during the day at my computer result in hunched shoulders and hips that are often pushed forward. I wanted a way to work on my posture throughout the day versus only building up my back muscles in the gym, so I decided to purchase the Lumo Lift. This little gadget is already causing a big impact.

I had heard a lot about Lumo Bodytech’s products—many runners I know use the Lumo Run to improve their running form—and was hoping to see what the Lumo Lift could do for me. The set up was simple and I was able to start using it almost instantly.

Here’s how it works: The sensor goes onto the inside of your shirt and is held in place by a small magnet (you can attach it to your bra strap should you not want the magnet showing), positioned near your collarbone. You then roll your shoulders back and get into proper posture, pressing the Lumo Lift so it can note the correct position. From there, the Lumo Lift will vibrate when you are not in that proper posture for a certain amount of time; you choose this on the app and it can range anywhere from every 3 seconds to two minutes (though 15 seconds is what the app recommends).

And really, that’s it. As a bonus, the Lumo Lift tracks your steps, distance and calories as you wear it throughout the day.

I have been using the Lumo Lift for about two weeks and am already noticing a difference in my posture, especially when I am sitting at my desk. I don’t wear the Lumo Lift constantly throughout the day, but am working my way up to it. Because my back muscles are so weak they do get sore after wearing the Lumo Lift for about an hour and a half, so for now, I wear it in increments throughout the day and take breaks to give my back a rest as needed. I am slowly building up how long I can wear it at a time as my back muscles gain strength and gradually help me hold a better posture.

I will admit that the buzzing drove me insane the first few days—Ugh, I’m in the correct posture!—but quickly as my muscles started to get stronger and I got used to what sitting up straight felt like, the reminders became less frequent.

The Lumo Lift is $99 and comes with a charging cable—access to the app is free. I charge mine overnight while I am sleeping and it is ready to go every morning!