Tia Mowry’s Daily Diet

Check out a day in the life of Tia Mowry's diet.


Tia Mowry relies on a veggie-heavy diet to keep her energy up. Check out a day in the life of her diet.

“Miso soup with brown-rice miso, seaweed, tofu and carrots is a favorite. I’m a huge fan of soups in the morning. The Japanese believe hot soup in the morning is a great way of preparing the digestive system for a meal. I usually start with that, then have some egg whites with spinach and some oatmeal.”

“For lunch, I love to make quinoa with a veggie medley of broccoli, carrots and cabbage. I usually add a salad with hummus on the side.”

“Kelp noodle pad thai—I make this using kelp noodles rather than a heavier noodle with more calories. I add coconut milk and curry and whatever vegetables I have around, and that makes a nice dish for dinner.”