This Is Why You Should Leave Your GPS Watch At Home

Sometimes you don't need to be plugged in on every single run.

battery fail (450x800)

My GPS watch is one of the most important pieces of my running arsenal. I use it

I’m not even a big numbers or stats person, but I use it like I use my sports bra–I can’t run without it! Well, I thought I couldn’t until I went to run this morning. I noticed it was dead. Runner Fail!

Luckily since I’m home, I know more than a few running routes to get in the mileage I need. So I decided to ditch my headphones too and just ran naked from technology. I went out for about eight miles and focused on things besides my watch and music.

First I listened to my body…

For the first half a mile I was a little sluggish. From there I warmed up and felt my legs were a little tired from the last few runs.

I paid attention to my form.

And then I was more aware of my surroundings.

I noticed all of the other people on the trail. I always wave “Hi!” but I paid more attention to saying “Hi!” and getting a good long look at their dogs (so many of my neighbors have beautiful pups!).

I spotted how the cattails near the park have been cut back. They were just so thick a few days ago. Wonder when that happened?

I saw a yellow golf ball, a few butterflies, a random shoe (who loses one shoe?) and more.

This is a place I run all the time but running without a watch or music gave me the chance to just stop run and smell the roses.

It wasn’t boring. It was nice. I got lost in my run and thought about the things I saw, the people I love and then just zoned out for a while.

Now I’m not saying I’m going to run without technology all the time, but it is nice to get back to the basics every one in a while.