This Is The Strangest Cure For Split Ends

You guys—would you ever do this to ditch those puffy split ends? Because we might.


Remember when you lit candles for a special family occasion—and then your long hair almost slipped off your shoulder into the blazing fire? If you had split ends, that might have actually been a good casualty—but only if you are in the hands of a professional hair stylist.

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Originating in Brazil, Velaterapia is a treatment for deleting split ends. This is great news for runners who might destroy their hair with tight hair bands, runs in the hot sun and days between washes. The treatment involves burning dead ends, snipping them off, then undergoing a deep conditioning at a salon that offers the treatment. (Wait, did you think this was an at-home affair? Put the lighter down.) Models like Alessandra Ambrosia and Barbara Fialho, who work for Victoria’s Secret, have tried the treatment, posting the results on Instagram.

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The sizzling treatment, which is becoming more mainstream, is not cheap—around $200. It’s recommended every three months to aid in moisture retention and returning strength that may have been lost during running or other treatments that dried out your locks. One reason for the high price point is the delicate process that is burning a person’s hair—there’s no barrier between a split end and the rest of the strand, Penny James, a certified trichologist told Mashable.

However, this strange treatment for dead hair isn’t for everyone. There’s still plenty of people getting regular trims and treatments that don’t involve flames. And if you’re cringing at those hair bands, three tips to minimize breakage:

1. Opt for the looser bands that don’t leave a breakable crimp in your hair. Ribbon elastics are a great option.

2. Braid low instead of tie high.

3. If you skip a shampoo day, don’t ditch the conditioner.