This Is The Easiest Way To Improve Your Posture

In 15 minutes per day you can improve your posture for a lifetime.


We sit a lot. In the car. On planes. At work. For meals. In fact, there is a sitting-time calculator where you can figure out just how much sitting you are doing.

Scientists and health officials all over the world have recently discussed the harmful impacts of sitting too much—in fact, the American Medical Association recommends employers start providing alternative options to help reduce the amount of time we spend on our derriere.

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In addition to reported higher risk for cardiovascular disease, sitting in front of a computer all day leads to poor posture as well. The good news: You can easily get perfect posture during those times you are sitting to improve your health, mood and motivation.

BetterBack started off as a project on Kickstarter—one that raised $1.1 million with only a $12,500 goal—and is now available to the masses. I was one of the Kickstarter backers that has spent a few months with my BetterBack now and as someone with scoliosis, it is a game changer.

The BetterBack is simple-to-use. When you need to sit, you unzip the BetterBack—it folds into itself for easy portability—and you place the back pad on your back. Then, you wrap the knee straps around your knees. You pull the adjustable straps on the side of the BetterBack to stack your spine and help hold proper posture.

Using the BetterBack helps train your back muscles that become weak from hunching and though those muscles may be sore the first few wears as they build up strength, but over time as your back is used to proper positioning it will actually help eliminate pain you may have had. Improved posture will not only been seen while sitting; the effects carry over into your overall posture as well.

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The BetterBack team shares that you will see results after just 15 minutes of wear a day. Due to the curve in my spine my shoulders are often noticeably hunched forward, so I notice results right when I put on the BetterBack and can comfortably sit up straight with assistance. Just think: Improving your posture while sitting will translate into better running form!