These Protein Bites Tastes Just Like Cake

This recipe takes no time to make and is the perfect healthy snack.

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*Courtesy of The Fitnessista

Energy bites aren’t the most attractive food. They’re a jumble of pantry ingredients, rolled into a sphere for convenience sake. But even though they aren’t the prettiest, they taste pretty gorgeous, and make you feel good too. I’m always about a snack that gives me an energy boost from natural sugars, in addition to satisfying healthy fats and protein.

For the strawberry flavor in these, I used crispy freeze-dried strawberries from Trader Joe’s.They yield a summery burst of strawberry flavor, but if you don’t have them on hand, feel free to add dried fruit or chocolate chips instead.

On the other hand, I highly recommend keeping the almond extract if you have it! This is what gives it that delightful cake-ish flavor.

Here’s the recipe if you’d like to give them a try! A delicious and satisfying snack option! It’s perfectly portable and tastes like a beloved summer dessert, with a boost of healthy fats and protein.

Strawberry Shortcake Energy Bites
Yields 6

1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1/4 cup freeze-dried strawberries
1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup oats (use gluten-free oats for a gluten-free version)
3 pitted medjool dates
2 tablespoons of your favorite vanilla protein powder (can use almond meal instead)
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
Pinch of sea salt
3 tablespoons pure maple syrup

In a food processor, chop all of the ingredients until a dough forms. Using a melon ball scooper or your hands, shape into 6 spheres. Store covered in the fridge for up to one week.