These Harmful Chemicals May Be Lurking In Your Bathroom Cabinet

Wait, we've been putting WHAT on our skin?! We break down harmful chemicals found in many products.


You would never bathe with pesticide soap, right? Believe it or not, that might be exactly what you’re doing. Avoid these dangerous ingredients found in many personal care items.

DEA: Shampoos and soaps sometimes contain this known carcinogen, which can linger on the skin after rinsing.

Parabens: A preservative absorbed through skin that mimics the function of estrogen in the body, disrupting normal hormone function. Some parabens have been banned in Europe for their cancer-causing potential.

Phthalates: Usually listed in cosmetics as “fragrance,” phthalates have been linked to a host of health problems, from breast cancer to fertility issues.

Retinyl palmitate: This form of vitamin A is often added to sunscreens. Though vitamins are typically good for the body, this particular form may interact with sunlight to trigger the development of skin tumors.

Triclosan: A pesticide commonly found in soaps, triclosan may disrupt thyroid function and contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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App It Up
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