These 5 Tips Will Make You Love Beach Runs

Striding on the sand can be a great experience if you follow these guidelines.

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tips for running on the beach

Summer running had me a blast. Summer running isn’t very faaast…
(Sung to Summer Loving from Grease.)

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram, you may have noticed that it’s summer and everyone is hitting the beach. I love all those sandy toes and fancy cocktail photos with the ocean in the background.

I go on an annual trip to Marco Island, Florida with my family and look forward to it every year. It’s super hot and humid, but it’s also gorgeous and a perfect change of scenery for my morning run. While there are treadmills available in the hotel gym, I head outside to get some miles in near the beach. When I’m doing a long run I prefer the sidewalk, but shorter runs are okay if you find some packed sand and are careful.

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Here are some tips for running on the beach:

  1. Find Packed Sand. Head down closer to the water where the sand is hard packed. Run along a stretch that is even and not slanted too much, which can tweak your knee or IT band. Wet sand can suck your foot in and dry sand can be loose so pay close attention to what feels better to your body. Walking on uneven sand is great for strengthening your core and challenging the muscles in your legs, but it’s very difficult to run on loose sand.
  2. Run at low tide. This will provide the hardest packed sand AND the most surface area before the water and loose sand.
  3. Wear sunscreen. The sand and water both reflect sun back up to your face, so a hat alone won’t protect you from the sun. Lather up!
  4. Change up your planned workout. Running on the sand is more challenging than running on sidewalk so allow for that in your planning. Beach running can be compared to hill running in terms of effort. You make have to tweak your training or plan that a certain distance run will take you longer than usual.
  5. Enjoy! Not all of us are blessed enough to live near the beach year round, so take in the sights and smells and sounds. Have fun.

Happy Running!