These 3 Simple Tips Can Boost Your Health And Fitness

These are the latest health and fitness findings to boost your workouts (and speed).


Grin and bear it.

Sure, you can whistle while you work—if you have very chill office mates. But it turns out the real payoff comes from smiling while you sweat. By switching that pain face to a pleasant grin, you may feel stronger. One study from the University of Cambridge found that people judged boxes they lifted as lighter if they had a happy outlook. Show us that smile!

Ice Queen

If an Indian summer is killing your autumn running vibes, reach for the cold stuff. Research from the University of Birmingham found that when runners’ skin was cooled (with ice packs or submersion in cold water), they were able to run faster in hot weather—shaving as much as 31 seconds off a 5K! When temperatures creep north, try this trick: Rub an ice cube on your wrist and neck before you run and watch your splits go south.

Pass the veggies.

Studies show that eating with friends and family improves happiness, combats depression and lowers stress. On the flip side, it can be tough to make healthy choices when communal meals mean happy hour nachos and wings. Solution? Host a dinner party—invite your running buddies over and ask everyone to bring a seasonal dish. You’ll do something great for your mind, body and spirit—plus you’ll have an excuse to see each other in something besides sweaty clothes.

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