There’s A Portable Way To Count Calories And Manage Portion Sizes

There's another app for that—would you purchase it?


Counting calories and eyeballing portion sizes can be an inexact science, especially when you are on the go. Is your muffin a single serving or generous enough for two? Did you burn enough calories for one glass of wine or two? And maybe your energy is lagging because you haven’t eaten enough for the day.

With the ability to track every step you take, calorie you burn and even weigh your food at home, the missing health link has been the inability to dial calories consumed when eating out—which is exactly what inspired a team of Canadian developers to create Slate Scale ($75). Small, portable and blue tooth compatible with iOS and Android, the Scale wirelessly connects to a Smartphone to weigh food, determine portion sizes (it can account for plates or containers) and count calories wherever you go.

Slate Scale also syncs with your favorite fitness apps for accurate info about calories burned for a real-time view of your calorie balance. The scale and app can be customized to track goals based upon calories, carbohydrates, fat and more. It can also analyze your nutrition and calorie stats for the day and even make meal and recipe suggestions.

“Running has helped me to lose weight and get fit, but I made the most headway when I also began to keep a food journal,” says Helen MacGillivray, market manager at Slate. “Collaborating with the team to add a food journaling element to the app was important to me.”

The Scale is slightly bigger than a pack of cards (kind of like the portion of salmon you had for dinner) and fits into your purse or pocket to have whenever you need it. Plus, it’s battery can last up to a month on a single charge. The crowdfunding campaign begins October 26, and Slates will be available during the first quarter of 2016.


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