The Secret About When To Run

There really is a best time to run for each runner.

time of day to run

Not a morning person? Hate hitting the gym after work? Like to get your sweat on during lunch?

Everyone has their preferences on when they like to run, but what is the BEST time of day to run?

Are you sitting down for this? It might upset some of you…

The best time to run is when you’re actually going to do it.

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The ideal situation for working out is to sweat when, where and how you want to. This means making your own schedule, sweating in your favorite spot and doing a form of exercise you enjoy.

So if you’ve decided that running is your go-to cardio, we must now tackle the question of, “What time should I run?” “Before work?” “After I take the kids to school?” “After work?” “At night on the treadmill?” “Other??”

The reality is the best time for you to workout is based on YOU. Decide upon a realistic time. Make an appointment with yourself and stick to it.

If you’re a morning person, but you have to be at work at 6am, it might not be reasonable to run before work. So find other time.

If you love running after work, but have carpool duty every other week. running might not be realistic those days.

If you always have lunch meetings, but like to run on your lunch… well, you’re going to have to find a plan B.

If you want running to be a long term part of your life, you might have to make room for it. Be flexible and determined.

It doesn’t really matter when you run as long as you run. So the best time is a time that works for you.