The Best Water Temperature For Post-Run Hydration

The ideal water temperature for your post-workout hydration doesn't necessarily change in response to the weather.

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Rehydrating In The Cold

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training—no matter what the season requires.

Is it better to drink cold or hot water after a cold run?

It is important to drink water after any kind of run, but your choice of hot or cold water really depends on the temperature of your body. Often we drink cold water after a run because the cooler water helps bring our elevated body temperature back down. Most likely, even on a cold day, your body is warm after a run, and drinking room-temperature or slightly cold water is best. However, if it was so cold that you never really warmed up while out on the run, drinking a hot cup of tea might be the best choice to bring your body back to a comfortable state. Pay attention to how your body feels and do what feels right.