Forget about the standard breakfast burrito – how about nutritious and delicious breakfast tacos? I’m not a dietary expert, but when something is chock full of healthy ingredients and flavor, it gets an A+ recommendation in my book!

Bfast tacos

Following long runs I always like to eat some version of eggs, the protein serving to satisfy my hunger and also help rebuild my muscles during the critical post-workout recovery window. Today I came home with my usual post-run craving, started pulling ingredients from the fridge, and before I knew it I was serving up these tasty egg and vegetable soft tacos.

I scrambled 2 eggs plus 1 egg white (as opposed to milk, I like to add a little extra egg white to make my scrambles fluffy; however I don’t give up the yolks entirely) in a bit of olive oil. I added in fresh spinach, diced red and orange bell peppers and plum tomatoes, cubed avocado and crumbled goat cheese. I spooned the scramble atop the most wonderful Ancient Grains Artisan Style Tortillas from Mission, which I warmed in the pan alongside the egg mixture. For the final touch, I topped the tacos with spicy clover and radish sprouts and fresh tomato salsa.

I was in breakfast heaven!