Sprains Are So Common They Often Go Untreated

It's common to step off a curb or over an uneven sidewalk and twist your ankle. These small sprains could lead to future problems.


Sprain Pain

Almost every runner has experienced this moment: You’re stepping off a curb or over a root when suddenly you land on the side of your foot, your ankle twisted and throbbing.

Sprains like this are a common occurrence—so common they often go untreated. It might be tempting to let the issue heal itself, but in a recent report presented at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Dr. Phillip Gribble, co-director of the International Ankle Consortium, noted that more than 50 percent of people reporting ankle injuries had previously twisted the joint.

To avoid a reoccurring issue, make an appointment with a PT if your lower leg ever gives way.