Smoothie Recipes For Any Appetite!

Need a pre-run boost or post-run fuel? We've got the perfect recipes for you! Build a better smoothie with our super-simple blueprints.

When you’re a runner on the go, it’s easy to under-fuel—or to make less-than-stellar snack time choices. But a few dietary missteps can lead to complete disaster when your workout rolls around. “Running without proper fueling is like going on a road trip without filling up with gas,” says nutritionist Tara Coleman.

One simple solution? Fire up the blender and reach for a smoothie. They’re portable, potable and easy to fi ll with the perfect combo of healthy ingredients to start the day, prepare your body for an amazing run or replenish tired muscles. Plus you give o awesome active vibes when sipping on a homemade concoction instead of a sugary store-bought bev.

The trick to whipping up the perfect smoothie is to match your mini-meal to the occasion. Different times of day call for different combinations of carbs, protein, fat and liquid. To ensure you drink a deliciously appropriate mixture every time, we’ve built blueprints to create the perfect early-torise breakfast, determined pre-run shake or accomplished post-run smoothie!