Smoothie Bowls For Breakfast Just Got Even Easier

Why take a smoothie bowl on-the-go instead of making a traditional smoothie?

Smoothie bowls are fast becoming Instagram’s favorite breakfast.

It turns out, when you pour a thick, creamy smoothie in a vessel and scatter your elixir with inspiring toppings, your meal becomes a work of art. And runners should take notice of this pin-able phenomenon. When the right ingredients are sent for a ride in the blender, what transpires are bowls that are filling, loaded with nutrients and, most importantly, absolutely delicious.

Think of them as soft-serve ice cream sundaes without any nutritional guilt—treats, but ones you should enjoy every day. And not just for breakfast: Smoothie bowls make standout snacks and post-workout nourishment as well. The flavor possibilities are endless, but these mash-ups guarantee you’ll never want for a straw again.

Make and Take


Need a smoothie bowl to go? After blending, try pouring it into an insulated food container, such as Hydro Flask Food Flask ($30 for 12 oz.,, that is up to the task of keeping items nippy for several hours. Don’t forget the spoon!

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