Should You Still Go For A Run If You’re Sleep Deprived?

Is a lack of sleep a reason to take a day off?

tired runner

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training!

Q: How much of a difference does sleep make for running, and should I still run when I’m sleep deprived from being up at night with the baby?

Lack of rest definitely takes a toll on the body, and if you were up all night, you will feel it on your run. But while you take good care of your baby, you have to be sure to continue to take good care of yourself too, which means get your runs in as regularly as you can.

Try to make the best of both worlds, and if you have a free hour, power nap for 20 minutes and then get out and run easy for 40 minutes, just based on feel. As long as you’re not exhausted to the point of getting sick, a little movement might make you feel energized.

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