Why You Should Skip Long Hot Showers During The Winter

We know it feels amazing and toasty, but your hair and skin will thank you. Here's why steamy showers can be damaging for your body.


Here’s a winter weather advisory: Give dry skin and lackluster locks the cold shoulder by revamping your regimen. Nix these no-nos, and you’ll get healthy, holiday-worthy skin and hair.

The mistake you may be making? Taking long, luxurious showers.

“I know it’s cold and a nice, hot steamy shower seems like the perfect remedy; however super-hot water can be damaging to the skin,” says Jennifer Gerace, an aesthetician at the Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills. “Hot showers and baths can inflame the skin, causing redness, itching and even peeling—and can disrupt the skin’s natural balance of moisture, robbing you of the natural oils, fats and proteins that keep skin healthy.”

You should also switch to a moisturizing creamy body wash or cleansing oil instead of your regular shower gel. Post-shower, pat skin dry with your towel instead of rubbing, and apply lotion while skin is still a bit damp for better absorption.