Skincare Secrets From A Runner & Beauty Expert

One runner who works in the beauty industry shares her favorite skin and hair products.


When you walk into Blush Beauty Bar in Portland, Ore., it’s sensory overload—hundreds of lovely vials, sticks and bottles line the shelves. Luckily, some of the women who work at Blush are also dedicated runners. One runner reveals which products are her own personal bests.

Meet Rachel Stohl
This aesthetician is from a family of runners in Seattle. She races mostly half marathons but has done a couple of fulls as well.

Arcona Reozone 40 SPF 40
This tinted moisturizing sunscreen evens out skin tones as it protects with a non-greasy, water-resistant formula.

Clarisonic Pedi Smoothing Disc
Not only does Stohl recommend Clarisonic for facial skin care—it’s “gentle and gets all the gunk off ”—but she’s a fan of the new attachment that works to smooth callused heels and toes too.
$32 (attachment for Smart Profile device) or $199 (for system),

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Stohl doesn’t only use this on her feet. It works under her sports bra to prevent chafing.

MoroccanOil Treatment Original
Stohl likes to work this oil through her tresses before she pulls her hair up and goes on a run. A workout is the perfect time to do some top-of-the-head conditioning before she returns to hit the shower.

RMS Beauty Oil
For her dry skin before a run, Stohl says, this protects and hydrates.

Verb Dry Shampoo
Stohl tends to wash her hair about twice a week, so she relies on this product for all those in-between days.

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BONUS: Brush on Block
Both Carrie Wilson and Stohl recommend this product. Stohl thinks it stays on better than sprays or lotions. Wilson loves it for a lot of reasons: It’s easy to carry (either in a pocket on long runs or in the car for easy access on the go) and the powder goes on with a see-through layer of protection that won’t drip into your eyes. Once you own the brush, then you can simply buy a refill of the powder.