A Strange Sign That You Might Be Suffering From Anemia

Symptoms of anemia, also known as iron deficiency, can present in unique ways and this is one of them that you should look out for.


Brain Freezers

If you like to chew on ice even when the temperature is in the single digits, your body might be craving something else entirely.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a desire to eat ice is a symptom of anemia (aka iron deficiency). A recent study in Science Direct found that this chilly urge may be due to the fact that anemia often expresses itself as fatigue—and sufferers look to ice to provide a mental jolt. Because anemia is more common in female athletes (thanks to menstruation and other factors), it’s important to stay on high alert.

Monitor your cravings for the cold stuff and make sure you are incorporating iron-rich foods like red meat, kidney beans, spinach and lentils into your diet.