Why You’re Seeing More Creative Gluten-Free Substitutes

There's a number of reasons to go gluten-free, including illness, diet and more. Brands are taking notice—and now options are easy-to-find.


People are eating less gluten—a choice motivated by a number of reasons: an illness like celiac disease, a paleo diet, an effort to stabilize blood sugar, etc. In turn, nutrition brands, chefs and food bloggers are coming up with creative substitutes.

Enter zoodles, cauliflower rice and sweet potato toast. Supermarkets now often have a gluten-free section, and the quality options are improving. The paleo influence has created a subset of items that are both GF and low-carb. For example, Mikey’s Original English Muffins are gluten- and grain-free with 4g of carbohydrates (compared to 24g in an original from Thomas’).