Say No To Sweaty Feet And Blisters With These Tips

Your tootsies don't have to wreak havoc every time you take off your running shoes.

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You’ve clip your toenails, grab proper fitting shoes, and wear your favorite socks, yet long runs still result in festering, sweaty feet and painful hot spots. It happens! The problem is only compounded when your friends or running group want to hang out after a race—sans shoes and socks—and you know the inside of your shoes are a sweaty, stinky hazmat zone waiting to happen. Thankfully, there are options!

Covering toes, balls of feet, heels, pretty much anywhere with the original Body Glide is one popular approach. Even better, the people at Body Glide took note and now make a product just for feet called, wait for it, Foot! The handy little applicator makes for an easy, no-mess solution for all over your feet, even between toes. It’s formulated with apricot and comfrey leaf to help reduce inflammation and repair chapped and cracked feet. Wear it with running shoes or any shoes that bring on the blisters. Foot is even sweat resistant and feels smooth, not sticky, when applied.

Speaking of sweat, there is also something you can do about foot sweat. It’s time to get creative with your antiperspirant. That’s right—runner’s feet demand special attention to stay within a season of “spring fresh scent,” and the same product you use to keep underarms dry is your secret weapon against swampy shoes. Sprays are the easiest to apply, but roll-ons and sticks work as well. Test it out with your favorite brand, or consider something stronger if necessary. Apply the antiperspirant all over on dry feet, and allow it to dry before putting on socks and shoes. If you don’t have that kind of time before an early-morning run, use it when you go to bed.

And, if you want to use an antiperspirant and anti-blister cream at the same time, apply the antiperspirant first, then the blister prevention product.