Does Running Damage Color-Treated Hair?!

You spend so much time and money at the salon on cuts and your color-treated hair—are you damaging it by running? A senior stylist answers.


You spend all of that money on highlights, lowlights or keeping up your ombre—but are you damaging that perfect color your stylist mixes up by running?

“Running itself doesn’t damage hair,” shares Whitney Paul, senior stylist and color specialist at Mirror Mirror in Austin (who is a runner herself). “However, sun exposure can cause color to fade and hair to become dry and damaged.”

How To Protect Your Hair

So how can you protect your hair in-between appointments? Paul recommends using a deep conditioner once a week (Mirror Mirror’s go-to haircare line is Living Proof).

“Also, look for products that are color safe and even products that have heat and UV protection in them,” she adds. “Just like your skin, your hair needs a little love, too!”

Paul stresses the importance of using quality products and doing what you can to keep your hair its healthiest at home, in-between appointments. Stylists and colorists can only do so much at the salon over the course of a few hours.

Healthy Hair On The Run

Paul doesn’t have any specific styles she recommends to wear on the run—braids or ponytails are your preference—however, there is one rule to follow.

“I would say the less hair you can show the better, especially on long runs, and even more so if you are doing them frequently,” she suggests. “I would pull it back and put a hat on! It will help protect your hair and your face (so that’s a plus).”

In order to keep your hair its healthiest, Paul recommends that you schedule a cut every 8 weeks at the minimum in order to keep ends fresh and help keep breakage and damage at a minimum.