Key Points About Finding The Right Stylist For Runners

Here is one runner's tips for the right way to communicate when you're in the chair.


It is important for runners to find a stylist who ‘gets it.’

“I’ve learned to be upfront with my stylist about my needs, and I trust her to come up with a style that’s compatible with my hair texture and my life,” says Katherine Shatrau of Naperville, Ill. The marathoner and working mom has curly hair and prefers a look that is professional and easy to style.

Shatrau found synergy with a stylist who’s also an athlete: “At each appointment, we review how [the last] cut worked and see if changes are needed. Right now I have layers that are long enough to pull back for running, but short enough to keep the curls from getting too droopy the rest of the day,” she says.

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