Mind Your Manners: Leaving Family At Home For Runcation

Etiquette expert Lizzie Post advises on how runners can take a running vacation without their family–and without hurting anyone's feelings.

Photo by Bruce Wodder.

Etiquette expert and runner Lizzie Post knows a thing or two about the rules of the road. The great-great granddaughter of etiquette’s original reigning queen, Emily Post, knows that alone time is important for everyone. We’re talking to you, running moms!

I want to go on a trip to a race with my girlfriends, but how do I tell my spouse and kids without hurting their feelings?

Moms: As most of you know, it’s super easy to forget that you need “me time.” That’s sometimes going to need to be more than just an hour with a hot bath and your new issue of Women’s Running magazine! Parents all need breaks, and race trips are excellent opportunities. What an awesome way to bond with your friends, keep up with your fitness goals and accomplish something awesome!

Explaining what the trip is to your spouse is probably going to be the first sign to him or her that this isn’t going to be a couple’s getaway or a family vacation. State what you want to do and the logistics you’ll need to consider. Try something like: “The girls and I are talking about going to a 10K in Asheville at the end of June and making a weekend out of it. Will it work with your schedule or should we get a sitter on deck for the weekend?” If sweetie says, “Oh, why don’t we come with you and cheer you on?!” (What a great partner!) You can say, “This would be a girls’ getaway race, but I’d love to have you guys at the next one!” You know your family and relationship best, so use that knowledge to help deliver your plan in a kind and considerate way. Technology can be your friend here too; sharing pics and video chats are great ways to make loved ones feel part of something from afar.


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