Recipe: Kale and Eggs

Eggs aren't just for breakfast. Combine with leafy greens and rice for a perfect post-workout meal.

kale and eggsRecipe provided by Jen Widerstrom

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast. This protein packed power food can be combined with complex carbs and leafy greens to make the perfect post-workout meal. “Protein, healthy vegetables, carbs and fats are all represented here,” says The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom. “I love this meal right after a workout. Use interesting rice, such as brown, black, wild or even a mix of them!”

Kale and Eggs
Serves 1

1 cup cooked rice
3–4 cups kale
Olive oil or coconut oil
A few cloves garlic, crushed
Himalayan pink sea salt
1/8 cup dried cranberries (optional)
1–2 eggs
1/8 cup pine nuts

Set cooked rice aside. Chop kale, then in a large pan, very lightly sauté the kale, using almost no oil, with garlic. Add a few cranks of salt. Do not overcook the kale but keep some of its crunch. Mix in the cranberries.

Meanwhile, fry egg(s) in a small amount of oil so the yoke is still runny but the egg whites are totally cooked through. In a separate pan with no oil, lightly brown the pine nuts. To serve, mix rice and kale, fluffing it together, and top with pine nuts and egg(s).

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