Reader Recs: Best Race-Day Hairstyles

Our readers share their go-to hairstyles on race day.


We love being able to connect with our readers about all things running. Another thing we love? The community that we’ve built for runners to share their knowledge, struggles and victories with one another. You’re always ready to help other runners on the journey to PRs, marathon finishes and more and we are so glad to be able to help make it happen.

Today, we asked our readers:
What are your secret tricks for keeping your hair out of your face during a race?

Here’s what they had to say…

…on Facebook:

Lisa Kerrigan: Cut it off!! I got so tired of sweaty long hair…and all that washing, sometimes twice a day…

Carole Luttringer: Pony tail + braid but no clip and no bun. The only way which works for me.

Miriam Viola: In a pony tail and a hair band

Ruth Thompson: Go Pixie, donate your long locks.

Marina Christopher: Tie it up in a bun and cover hair with a bandana

Diana Faith Du Plessis-Swart: Pony tail hair braid and clip the front back

…on Twitter:

@FJRose: Never leave home without my bobby pins.

@tracyfgreen: #braidsallday

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.40.10 PM

@mssweetmarie: This fantastic @lululemon headband works like a charm:…

@mmpence: A hat #Readerecs

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