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Random Thoughts We Have Before, During And After A Run

This perfectly describes what it's like to set our alarms, have trouble sleeping, hit snooze and then ride the struggle bus, only to do it a

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random thoughts

The Night Before

  1. I’m so excited to run tomorrow.
  2. I’ve got this, I’ve got this.
  3. Starting the day with a run is really going to get things off on the right foot!
  4. Maybe I’ll take some extra time to do some dynamic stretches beforehand.
  5. Ha. Did I just use the word dynamic? Who am I?
  6. Time to set my alarm. Okay that should be enough time.
  7. Is that enough time? Maybe I’ll set it early so I can hit snooze.
  8. Scratch that, I’ve heard hitting snooze is bad. Setting it for the time I need to get up.
  9. How far should I run? Training plan says five but I sort of want to run more.
  10. Why are easy days so hard?
  11. Alarm set. Ready to tackle this run. Going to get a solid eight hours of sleep tonight.

During The Night

  1. Why, WHY can’t I fall asleep?
  2. This is really cutting in to my eight hours.
  3. Okay this is really starting to annoy me.
  4. Maybe I shouldn’t run tomorrow.
  5. Stop, stop, stop. You want to run, you want to run.
  6. Does counting sheep really work?
  7. How do people do that? Just count and imagine sleep, I mean sheep.
  8. Why of all nights can’t I fall asleep?
  9. A. SLEEP. That’s what I want to be sheep. You better come through for me.
  10. Okay going to count. Counting, counting, counting.
  11. This isn’t……wo…r….k….ing…

The Next Morning

running meme

  1. For the love of….why did I set my alarm this early?!?!
  2. I’m definitely crazy. This is not normal.
  3. It’s okay, I have 10 more minutes because of snooze.
  4. Shooooooot. I took the snooze off. I have to get up.
  5. Okay getting up. I’m annoyed.
  6. It’s sleep. If I had gotten sleep I would be excited about my run.
  7. Let’s be positive.
  8. What’s that quote I read yesterday?
  9. Ah yes, positivity is a choice. Let’s do this.
  10. I should have given myself more time.
  11. I want coffee.

The Run

  1. This is going to be great. I’m glad I got out of bed.
  2. This is not great. I don’t know why I got out of bed.
  3. Why does it look so easy for everyone else?
  4. The only time this is going to be great is when I’m finished.
  5. I won’t have to run later, thank goodness. I’m getting this over with.
  6. I get to run, not have to.
  7. I’m going to be thankful.
  8. WHY is it so hard to breathe during the first mile?
  9. I mean I thought I was in shape—am I going too fast?
  10. Oh man, not running too fast at all. How am I running so slow?
  11. Oooohh slow, maybe I should use my crock pot for dinner tomorrow.
  12. You know what’s a crock? That running is so dang hard.
  13. Dang nabit. Why do I always think of that when I say dang?
  14. Or is it Dagnabitt? Yes, that’s it. That silly rabbit.
  15. Uhh maybe it’s true, maybe the race is won by the turtle.
  16. If that’s the case man I’m an Olympian.
  17. Wouldn’t that be nice? I could be like the Michael Phelps of running.
  18. I wonder who would be the Michael Phelps of running. Meb? Is it Meb?
  19. Can you even compare sports like that?
  20. I don’t like when people say the Michael Phelps of something, now that I think about it.
  21. Okay moving on, how have I ONLY run two miles for the love?!
  22. Just when I think time has passed, nope, nope, it’s just standing still while I’m running away.
  23. Running away, wouldn’t that be nice.
  24. Maybe I should sign up for race. Time passes faster during races.
  25. Oh unless it’s a marathon, then time most definitely does not pass fast.
  26. HAHAHA but gas passes fast during a marathon.
  27. Good thing no one can hear me laugh about gas.
  28. But really, why is it that someone in a race always has to do that near me?
  29. Feeling good now.
  30. Oh man, I am feeling good.
  31. This is why everyone should run, it’s so wonderful.
  32. Runner’s high, that’s what I chase.
  33. I am SOOOO happy I got up this morning.
  34. Getting out of bed wasn’t that hard, I should do this every day.
  35. Sleep, who needs sleep? Maybe I run better on less sleep.
  36. Note to self, those sleep experts lie, I don’t need 8 hours.
  37. Oh man THIS is my FAVORITE song EVER.
  38. Ohhhhh I’ve run 4 miles, look at that, time is flying.
  39. Just like me.
  40. I feel good, I totally am good at this running thing.
  41. Ugh, am I chafing? Shoot did I forget to glide?
  42. It’s this dang pair of shorts, why I don’t throw these things away I don’t know.
  43. Actually I do, cause I spent fifty.five.dollars. on them. Absurd.
  44. 4.2 miles. What? I’ve only run .2 since I last checked?!
  45. I must have lost the satellite. That’s it.
  46. Great now my pace is going to be off.
  47. What a waste. If I don’t know exactly how far I ran I might as well not have run that far.
  48. What do I do if someone asks me how far I ran. Say 4+ miles instead of 5?
  49. I mean really it’s the same thing. Right? 4+ is basically 5.
  50. Maybe I am finished then? Oh wouldn’t that be nice if I was finished.
  51. DUUUUUUDDE. How did I feel so good a second ago?
  52. My legs feel heavy.
  54. What is wrong with people?! I love animals too but I’m trying to run.
  55. Maybe if you ran with your dog instead of whatever you are doing it wouldn’t try running with with me.
  56. I’m just out here trying to do something good for my health
  57. These non-runners just don’t get it.
  58. I’m a runner hellz yes. That’s right.
  59. Running is so awesome.
  60. AHHHH YAYAYAY love the sound of that beep. 5 miles finished.
  61. Do I time the last .1 home? Walk it or run it?
  62. I’ll run, but keep my watch off. Don’t want to mess up my average pace.

After The Run

  1. That was amazing.
  2. I’m glad I went for a run.
  3. That was hard but I pushed through, I persevered.
  4. I’m basically a total bad a$$.
  5. Yep, now I’m ready to tackle the day.
  6. Yes, today is definitely the day I dream big.
  7. Running makes me feel on top of the world.
  8. Setting that alarm was such a great idea. Going to do that again tonight. Set the alarm that is, not run again, ha.
  9. But sleep more sleep. Note to self, maybe the sleep experts weren’t lying.
  10. I neeeeeeed coffee.
  11. Man, I love running.