Put Down The Soda And Drink One Of These Instead

Instead of a drink loaded with sugar, try one of these healthier alternatives.


Wendy Bazilian, a doctor of public health, registered dietitian and author of Eat Clean, Stay Lean, suggests your next glass, cup or mug be filled with one of these.

Water: Never a bad idea for runners! Here are a few ideas on how to drink more of it everyday.

Coffee: It’s perfectly okay to drink coffee as a runner. Milk adds calcium and protein, but add your own sugar so you’re not drinking a package of Skittles.

Unsweetened Ice Tea: With more flavor than water, a squeeze of lemon gives you a boost of vitamin C.

Milk: For only 100 calories, a cup of low-fat milk (1 percent) offers 8g protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin D, and has staying power. Pair it with a small handful of nuts or a piece of chocolate. Chocolate milk is also a great recovery drink. If you can’t process dairy, find another milk that works for you.