5 Products That Will Make People Think You Showered After Your Run

You can still smell so good!

It’s hot, you sweat like a farm animal on your run but you don’t have time to shower before you hit the food store. No problem! Try any one, or combination of, the following products—from washes to wipes—and stay odor free all day.

Rosewater Wipes By Shopa, $9 for 10 pack

These scented wipes are “face-and-bikini-area friendly” so you can use a few to wipe down your entire body and leave the gym smelling only of rosewater.

Kumari Liquid Cleanser, $22 for 2 oz

If you only have time to wash your face, do it with this natural cleanser by Pratima. It’s soothing, non-exfoliating formula gently cleanses and “adds nourishment” to the skin. It’s also an effective makeup remover so you can use it even on the days you don’t run.

Crystal Deodorant, $7 for 4.25 oz

This natural salt stick deodorant can be found on Amazon or your local drugstore and is best applied before and after the run for maximum effect. Crystal comes in a no mess stick but needs to be “moistened” before use. The best part? Even with daily use, it will last a full year!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo, $16 for 4 oz

This dry shampoo absorbs oil, sweat and odor for ultra-clean hair plus a time release fragrance for great smelling ponytail all day long…or until your next wash.

Acure No Rinse Argan Oil Towelettes, $8 for 30 towelettes

You had us at “no rinse” since you don’t always have an available sink post-run. These natural body cleansing towelettes are safe for your face, underarms and other sensitive areas. Simply wipe and go!

Of course there are plenty of DIY alternatives out there like regular ol’ baby wipes or just a washcloth, water bottle and travel size soap. If you want to get slightly fancier, you could purchase some essential oils and a small spray bottle and make your own facial mist!

However you chose to clean up after a hot summer run, it will be appreciated by the general public for the rest of your day, so please sweat responsibility.