These Pre-Run Snacks Won’t Upset Your Stomach

If you have a sensitive stomach, these 6 snacks are perfect for you.


We’ve all been there: it’s time for a post-work run and you’re hungry, but afraid to eat because you don’t want food bouncing around in your stomach. Still, the thought of trying to do your tempo run on an empty stomach is only slightly less daunting than the pace you’re supposed to hit during it, so you start to panic. As someone who is constantly trying (and failing) to make morning running a “thing” and mostly clings to the vibrant alertness of the post-work training session, I’ve struggled with this on more than one occasion. Here are some of my favorite go-to snacks that provide a quick, satisfying burst of energy and quiet your rumbling tummy without all the bulk.

  1. Pretzels and peanut butter: It sounds exactly as easy as it is—grab a serving of pretzels and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and go! The carbs from the pretzels are easily digested, while the fat and protein from the peanut butter will help keep you full without weighing you down. Your inner 7-year old will also be happy at the resurgence of this simple snack!
  2. An orange: What could be simpler than this snack? It comes in its own packaging, after all! The quick carbs and low fiber content help it rest easily in your stomach and will provide a quick boost of energy for your run. Bonus: childhood soccer game flashbacks!
  3. Pudding cup: It is a scientific fact–everyone loves pudding! Grab a pack of these from the grocery store and you’re set–no prep required! Both refrigerated and non-refrigerated varieties exist for easy storage. They’re easy to digest, filling, and best of all, delicious!
  4. Half a deli turkey wrap: For quick carbs and some long-lasting protein, grab a couple ounces of deli turkey and half a wrap. Keeping the portion small will prevent the food from sloshing around, but you’ll still get the nutrients you need for your run.
  5. Carrots and hummus: It’s healthy, it’s simple, and it’s easy! You can grab hummus “to-go” these days, and baby carrots are easy to come by. Grab a handful of carrots and a container of hummus and you’re set for success!

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