Pre-Race Nail Art

Are nails part of your pre-race routine? Try this easy to master nail art.

Make painting your claws part of your pre-race routine to feel fierce down to your fingertips. These designs created by marathon runner and creative director of TopCoat PARRIS HODGES are perfect for shredding the course.

Bring the thunder with nails that  channel the power of an electrical storm.

YOU’LL NEED: painter’s tape; white, gold and blue nail polish; topcoat
STICKING POINT: Blue painter’s tape from the hardware store isn’t just for your walls! It works great for nail art too.

1. Paint your nails with two coats of white polish. Allow nails to dry completely.

2. Take a piece of tape and place it diagonally, covering the bottom third of your nail.

3. Starting in the center of the nail, lay a second piece of tape just 1/8-inch above the first. The second piece should only cover half of the nail. This will make the zigzag shape of the bolt.

4. Paint the uncovered part of the nail with gold nail polish. Remove tape immediately after, and allow paint to dry completely.

5. Repeat step 3, leaving 1/8-inch of gold paint covered by the tape. Paint the remaining uncovered part of the nail with blue nail polish.  Remove tape immediately after,  and allow paint to dry completely. Repeat steps 2 through 6 above on all of your nails.

6. Finish nails off with a layer of topcoat and get ready to fly.

Want to make your manicure last? Reapply topcoat every other day.