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Fuel Up With Our Pick of the Best 2019 Gels, Bars, and Drinks for Runners

We downed more than four dozen new gels, bars and drinks to find our favorite 15 based on taste, texture and function. The one thing we learned: There is no end to sports foods’ inventiveness. Get ready for an elevated culinary experience in tiny packaging. GELS Gu Energy Labs Hoppy Trails Energy Gel The newest flavor of […]

How Much Do You Need to Hydrate to Go the Distance?

Fine-tune your electrolyte needs for your next race. Electrolytes, like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, are electrically charged particles which, when dissolved in water, produce charged ions. These ions permit the flow of electrical signals throughout the body. Electrolytes own many roles, such as helping to maintain fluid balance, heart rhythm and the functioning of […]

Move Over, Tart Cherry Juice—Pomegranate’s Stepping Up

The Power Of Pomegranate You may be aware of the potential performance benefits associated with tart cherry juice and beetroot supplements. However, these aren’t the only elixirs that may help improve your running. Pomegranate juice has been shown to be another key player in the ergogenic aid space, with research linking it to greater blood […]

How I’m Stifling Jealousy Of My Friend’s Speedy New PR

I was thrilled after achieving a half-marathon personal record of 1:23 this past fall. Considering I’d done minimal speed work leading up to the November race, my 4-minute PR was substantial. I remember feeling elated throughout the entire race weekend, amazed that my hard work had paid off and grateful for a body that was […]

4 Nut Butter Bars Runners Love

Nuttin’ Better Nut butters made from cashews, almonds, macadamias and, yes, even your childhood-favorite peanuts all have similar nutrients that complement an active lifestyle: plant-based protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. When you eat it, though, you can often be left with a sticky, oily mess. Now, with a surge in nut butter […]

Transforming Your Bad Habits Into New, Healthy Habits

Out With The Old, In With The New For many of us, the beginning of a new calendar year provides the perfect excuse to rethink the behaviors that aren’t serving us. After all, everyone has bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviors they wish they could change. Some of us struggle to stick with a healthy diet […]

5 Activated Charcoal Products To Boost Your Skin Health

Cool Coal “Activated charcoal” is not the bricks from your grill—it’s a black powder designed to remove toxins from your body. Smith & Cult Blackdrop Charcoal Brightening Primer, $32 Bamboo charcoal brightens your skin while absorbing oil, and black pearl extract smooths skin. It reduces the appearance of pores, so wear it under foundation or […]

Feeling Nauseous Post-Workout? Here’s Why It Happens.

Tackling Mid- And Post-Run Stomach Discomfort Stomach troubles and indigestion are common complaints among runners. In fact, the frequency of gastrointestinal symptoms and complaints are nearly twice as high for running than for other endurance sports, including swimming and cycling. While most of us are aware of the impact running has on our joints, our […]

Recipe Excerpt: Seeded Mustard & Sweet Potato Nourish Bowl

Recipe excerpted with permission from Whole by Harriet Birrell, published by Hardie Grant February 2019. I think I could eat this meal every day. It feels like it satisfies on all levels: taste, spice, nutrients and ease. If you roast your sweet potatoes the night before it also makes a great lunch to take on […]

Making The Case For Frequent Fueling

The Importance Of Eating More For runners, it’s not just how much you eat that matters; it’s when you eat your calories that also plays a role in the health and performance equation. A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports wanted to shed light on the notion of within-day energy […]