Our 4 Favorite Nutritional Bars

These 4 bars are our favorites to fuel our workouts.


Nii Almond Chocolate Chip
Why we love it…This bar combines two of our fave things—almond butter and dark chocolate—into one tasty little package. Every ingredient has the word “organic” in front of it and protein is provided by sprouted quinoa.
What it tastes like…Chewy and nut-buttery with plenty of chocolate chips.
When to eat it…With 240 calories and 8 grams of protein, this bar is hearty enough to work for a light breakfast, mid-day bite or a post-run snack.


Chia Bar Apple Cinnamon
Why we love it…At 100 calories, this super-portable snack boosts energy without
waistline worries. Plus, it packs a powerful chia punch for an extra dose of omega-3s.
What it tastes like…Apple sauce sprinkled with cinnamon.
When to eat it…Reach for one of these three-bite snacks before heading out for a short run—or during the 3 p.m. slump when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open at the office.


TrueBar Coconut Cashew
Why we love it…These bars pack a ton of health benefits—high fiber, full of fatty acids, organic and gluten-free—in a few insanely delicious bites.
What it tastes like…The coconut doesn’t steal the spotlight but is complemented by a nutty flavor. For a bar that doesn’t contain gluten, it tastes remarkably like your favorite granola treat.
When to eat it…Munch on one before step-ping out for a run or as a post-run snack with some added protein on the side.


Larabar Alt Cinnamon Apple Crisp
Why we love it…It’s rare to find a protein bar with only nine ingredients (that you can pronounce) on the packaging. Larabar pulled it off by using pea protein(!) instead of whey or soy.
What it tastes like…Imagine freshly baked apple cinnamon cake stuffed in a wrapper.
When to eat it…With 10 grams of protein, this is the perfect post-run munchie to satisfy those muscles screaming for a fix.