These Are Our 4 Favorite Drinks For Before And After Runs

Try one of these four drinks to fuel your miles or recover from workouts. From pre-workout to post-workout, we have you covered.



Osmo Active Hydration for Women Mango
Why we love it…Formulated specifically for women, this powdered mix has the female cycle in mind and helps increase fluid absorption so fluctuating hormones won’t affect your performance.
What it tastes like…The light flavor tastes of fresh mango, without any chemical aftertaste.
When to drink it…Mix it up in a water bottle (one scoop is 35 calories) and carry it along on your long run.


best caffiene drink

Nuun Energy Lemon+Lime
Why we love it…The extra zing of caffeine with the low-cal tablet is a sweet (but not saccharine) combo.
What it tastes like…The citrus flavor is refreshing and relatively mild when to compared to sugary sports drinks.
When to drink it…Studies have found caffeine improves performance, so give yourself a boost before or after a run.


best pre workout drink

BeetElite Neo Shot BlackCherry
Why we love it…Beets are high in nitric oxide, which helps improve circulation and muscle recovery. One of these packets has the same amount of the compound as six beets.
What it tastes like…The slightly sweet flavor isn’t too vegetable-y, and the consistency is lighter than juice. However, if you’re not a beet fan, this beverage probably isn’t for you.
When to drink it…About 30 minutes before a run, mix the powder with water and down it straightaway.


best post workout drink

Organic Valley Organic Balance Protein Shake Dark Chocolate
Why we love it…With 15 grams of protein, this tasty drink can be enjoyed solo or added to a post-run smoothie—mix in some frozen fruit for a healthy milkshake.
What it tastes like…Similar to chocolate milk but with a distinctive dark cocoa flavor, and it’s thinner than you might think with “shake” in its name.
When to drink it…Drink it after a tough workout to rehydrate and repair muscle damage thanks to the perfect combo of carbs and protein.