One Athlete’s Nutrition Go-Tos For Steamy Running Weather

Here's some nutrition tips if you're rising before the dawn to avoid hot hot heat during your run.


Traveling the world racing, teaching young students how to live a healthy life and training—for triathlete Lizzie Nyitray, staying active is important.

Just like many of us, finding time to work out can be a challenge, but Nyitray, part of the Wattie Ink team, balances it out quite well. “I have a fun-loving support group who are my training buddies, teachers and cheerleaders.”

It’s not easy finding the balance, especially while living in the Dominican Republic. Many people who run get up early, 5 in the morning, to run only to avoid the brutal humidity. But for Nyitray, who bikes to and from work on top of another workout later that day, the heat is no big thing.

“I don’t mind the heat. I’m always cold, so I am fine running in the afternoon,” she says.

With a decoration of honors and busy life, it’s hard to imagine how this woman keeps in shape and well-hydrated.

“I wake up about 4 in the morning, if not earlier, I swim, bike or run depending on my training schedule. I go to school by 7. After school I tutor and do then I do another activity—swim, bike or run.”

Twice a week Nyitray works with a strength coach to maintain muscle strength. “My triathlon coach, Jeremy Howard of LifeSport Coaching, and my strength coach, Tony Parra, have helped me this past year because I was hit by a car. They were a huge help in keeping me positive through a pretty difficult (and painful) time in my life.”

With so much training, Nyitray knows how important nutrition is to keep her going.

“I have a balanced diet. I feed myself with good nutrition, which helps me survive my training—especially in the heat.”

So what are a few of Nyitray’s favorite go-to items when surviving the heat (east coasters can relate to the humidity)? “I use PowerBar gels, bars and energy blasts and Gatorade before and during a race. I also use Herbalife 24 products, mainly for recovery, but also complement them with other products before and during training.”

The biggest advice Nyitray gives to others: “Just have fun.”

Find Nyitray on Instagram and Twitter (@lizzienyitray) for more of her training advice—and to see beautiful images of exotic locations that she travels to.