5 On-The-Go Snacks When You Need Immediate Fuel

Need a quick pick-me-up after a workout but don't have time for a full meal? Grab one of these snacks to hold you over and fuel up.

You have finally finished your run and all you can think about is hurrying to the next task. A lot of runners stretch a bit and grab a glass of water, but many skip the important nutrient-packed snack to start repairing their muscles. Even if you don’t have time for a big meal right away, getting something into your body is critical.

Here are a few ideas for runners to get a quick dose of fuel.

Apple Slices And Almond Butter

Hands down, this is my favorite quick and easy snack. It takes a couple of minutes to slice an apple and dip it into a couple of tablespoons of any kind of nut butter (sunflower and peanut are great choices). Another idea is to remove the inner core of the apple and stuff the inside with nut butter.

A Bowl Of Berries With Yogurt

You don’t have to cut up anything; simply rinse the berries and place them into a bowl with a half cup of plain yogurt. A drizzle of honey is an added treat (yes—you deserve it). Delish!

Toast With Nut Butter

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of nut butter. You get such a nice dose of protein and it tastes great after a run. If you really want to pack a punch to your nut butter slathered toast, add a sliced banana on top!


There are a ton of smoothie recipes to choose from (or to give you ideas to make up your own). I like to have almond milk and yogurt as a base and then add from there (ie: protein powder of your choice, fruit and a nut butter). Another base idea is tart cherry juice (great to combat inflammation) and yogurt. Next, add your choice of fruit or veggies to the base. Get creative in the kitchen; you can really have a lot of fun making up smoothie recipes.

Hard-Boiled Egg With Sliced Avocado

This snack is the definition of nutrient dense! Have the egg boiled and ready before your next run. Add sea salt, sliced avocado and viola!

Your body will be so much happier and these snacks will keep you going until you can sit down for a full meal. Want to be a better, stronger runner? Fuel is key on the long and winding road to make that happen.