Nutrition Tips From An Olympian

Olympic runner DeeDee Trotter knows what it takes to keep her body fueled and fit in order to deliver medal-worthy performances.

After winning the bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympic women’s 400 meter race, American runner DeeDee Trotter went on to help the women’s 4 x 400 meter team capture the gold medal by storm, beating out second place by almost three-and-a-half seconds. Not only does Trotter posses the ability to kick up the speed when it counts, she knows what it takes to keep her body fueled and fit in order to deliver medal-worthy performances. Take a look at five quick and easy nutritional tips from Olympic runner, DeeDee Trotter:

-Eat at home. When you cook meals at home you make the decision of what to eat and can control exactly how it is prepared. Eating at home also allows you to buy whole and organic foods.

-Use fruit as a natural energy booster. The native sugar in fruit provides a raw energy source without the crash you may encounter after consuming processed sugar. Stick to nature’s candy for a pure punch!

-Choose baked or grilled over fried. Sometimes you just can’t make it home for a meal. Avoid nutritional pitfalls by picking something on the menu that you might otherwise glance over. Though the cheeseburger might be calling your name, stick to the leaner protein with a side of veggies.

-Carbohydrates are important. Choosing high quality carbs can actually improve your energy and enhance performance. Stay away from processed carbs and stick with the whole grains. Brown rice, whole wheat bread and sweet potatoes are all examples of carbs you can feel good about eating.

-Eat 30 minutes to an hour before a run. Find something light that agrees with your stomach to eat before a workout. Try to consume something with a small amount of natural sugar for an organic boost in energy. Trotter’s personal favs include a banana and orange juice or a Buddy Fruits blended fruit pouch.

Trotter turns to bananas as a pre-run source of natural sugar and potassium – what’s your favorite pre-run fruit?