Now There’s An Easy Way To Do Yoga At Home

Whether you are a newbie or a total pro, fitting yoga into your routine is about to get even easier.


I must preface this article with the fact that I have never been a huge fan of yoga. My first (and only) class, I had to sit down because I almost fainted due to all of the—what I deemed ‘weird’—breathing they were having us do.

I finally found something that changed my mind.

YogaGlo is like having your own yoga studio at home. And, for the cost of only $18 per month—what one class would probably cost at a studio—I now have unlimited access to studio-quality workouts in my living room.

I decided to try yoga again with all of the emphasis being put on mindfulness and meditation, especially when it comes to being a better runner. As someone who has been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, yoga has also been recommended to me as a way to learn breathing techniques and rituals that can help me stay calm in stressful situations.

As a beginner, I have never been eager to head to the studio to try yoga—especially after my initial experience in my first class—but knowing I could benefit from incorporating it into my training, finding out I could try it in the comfort of my own home was promising. I started with a beginner workout—labeled Short & Sweet and only lasting 10 minutes—just to get in the groove and see if I would enjoy it.

Now, I’m hooked. An added benefit of YogaGlo specifically is that it works across a variety of devices. I can take classes from my computer, phone, iPad and Roku, meaning I can pretty much do yoga anywhere. Traveling and feeling a bit stressed? YogaGlo. Need a break from work to just stretch things out? YogaGlo. At a friend’s house and want to help her get into a yoga practice? YogaGlo!

An added benefit of YogaGlo is that their classes are filmed live in a studio in Santa Monica. If you are in the area, you can even try to join them for a free class as they film!

As far as subscriptions go, they offer a free 15-day trial—plenty of time to try out a few different classes to see if you like it—and after that you are all signed up. With classes that take anywhere from 5 to 120 minutes, you are likely to find something for any type of yoga practice you would like to have in your life.