You Could Be Using The Wrong Shampoo For Winter

You may not know this, but the shampoo that you are using may be made for summer. Here's what to look for with the new season.


Are you using summer shampoo this winter?

Winter air lacks the humidity that, yes, creates summer frizz but also gives hair a boost in volume in the warmer months. Keep hair from looking dry, dull and staticky with a product change.

Use moisture-focused formulas, and rinse shampoo and conditioner with warm water.

“Don’t scald your scalp and hair, or you can incur breakage and dry scalp,” says Lorean Cairns, co-founder of Fox & Jane Salon in New York City. “Serums, glosses and oils are very important to add to your routine during the winter months. Our hair will be prone to breakage and flyaways, and these products will help.”