Why Meat Bars Are Becoming The New Protein Bar

It’s full of protein, can fit in your pocket, and satisfy your hunger: meat energy bars.


Eating a real source of lean meat is always better than chowing down on a bar, but carrying around chicken in your pocket is just not feasible. Meat bars are a new wave of energy bars that pack in the protein without a long list of unknown ingredients.

Many bar companies are cooking up these jerky/sausage-like bars for good reason: proteins are the building blocks to a good life. You need protein repair muscles and keep them strong—especially if you work out.

While you can get protein from beans, legumes, nuts, dairy and some grains, lean meat (animal products) provide the best source of protein. Long-distance runners need about 50 percent more protein than most people, according to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board. So biting into animal-sourced protein makes sense to get the more nutrients.

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What are the benefits of meat bars?

Clean eating
Meat bars are typically organic, cooked with grass-fed beef/cage-free chickens, mixed with flavorful spices, veggies and fruit—resulting in a clean, unprocessed bar.

Many like jerky because of the flavor. Meat bars are the hybrid of jerky sticks. Real meat flavor mixed with a hint of sweetness from raw fruit and veggies make these bars soft and chewy.

No processed ingredients
Meat bars are real meat. Meaning there are no processed whey protein, chalky soy protein isolate, stomach-upsetting sugar alcohols or additives.

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Perfect for snacking
Low in calories but high in nutrients, meat bars are perfect for snacking. You can throw a bar in your bag, keep it in your desk drawer, or toss in your pocket. They fill you up and keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Bars to Try: