This Makeup Line Adjusts To Your Body As You Move

Birchbox rolls out a new line of products that keep active women looking fresh.


You may be familiar with Birchbox, the monthly subscription service that sends beauty products right to your door. Fans of the box will be excited to know that they have developed their own line of makeup and it is made specifically for active women.

Right now, the ARROW line has three products, with many more on the way. Their starter pack includes a cooling cheek tint, color enhancing lip balm and aluminum-free deodorant.

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“ARROW is about enhancing—not hiding—your natural beauty while you’re active,” explains Nicole Massimi, VP of Global Sales. “The high-performance products are lightweight (won’t clog pores) and the formula adjusts to your body’s pH during activity for a cool, refreshing effect.”

I wasn’t sure about the claim to adjusting to your pH, until I tried the lip balm. Upon opening, the balm looks like a light pink. One swipe on my lips, however, and it adjusted to the natural color of my lip to bring out a brighter, more radiant pink. It is my go-to lip balm, replacing my chapstick. The cooling cheek tint definitely gave my skin a cooling effect and the deodorant smells like heaven. I appreciate it as someone who is looking to remove chemicals from my products, as it is aluminum-free and vegan.

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“Our customers are busy, multitasking women, so the idea for ARROW goes way beyond the gym,” adds Massimi. “We were inspired by the evolution of the athleisure trend and wanted to translate the concept of all-day activewear for the beauty category. We realized that our customer is hungry for lightweight, long-wearing products with subtle color and coverage.”

Up next for ARROW? A soothing facial mist, water-resistant mascara, tinted serum and a tinted brow gel. Even better? Everything in the line is vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and made in the U.S.

Birchbox offers a starter kit for $36 if you are looking to try out the line (with a makeup bag included!) and recently created a starter kit complete with a Clarisonic, to really get your skin fresh and clean, long after activity.