LUNA Lunch

It’s pretty much a given that when you go to a trade show, any hope for a healthy eating plan goes quickly down the drain. The days are so busy, it’s difficult to find the time for a decent lunch. However, strategically timing a visit to the sports nutrition section can provide a tummy-pleasing time-crunched alternative. Luna

At the Interbike trade show, I made a noon-time beeline for the Clif Bar booth, where I sampled a wide variety of products from both Clif and their female-focused sister brand, LUNA. While I’m a fan of both the tried and true Clif Bar and the lip-smacking snack-style Clif Mojo bars, LUNA’s latest offerings are what truly captured my attention – and my taste buds.

First, LUNA added two new flavors to the LUNA Bar lineup: Chocolate Chunk and Chocolate Dipped Coconut. It’s hard to go wrong when chocolate is involved, but these two flavors do more than taste delightful. Each bar provides 9 grams of protein, a rich array of vitamins and antioxidants, an ample dose of both calcium and folic acid and 3 grams of fiber – all using 70% organic ingredients. 72fd465b65a38f65_LUNA-Protein---3-bar-fan-082609

Following on the success of the original LUNA Bar is LUNA Protein, again with two new flavor offerings: Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip. Again, both are delicious, and provide a similar nutritional profile to the LUNA Bar, but with 12 grams of protein and an indulgent chewy texture.

The goodies from LUNA and Clif fueled me through the afternoon hours on the trade show floor in tasty and nutritious fashion. Try one – or several – for yourself and you’ll understand the appeal!

– Holly Bennett