The One Thing You Can Do To Better Your Mind And Body

According to a recent study, this tip is one simple thing you can do that makes both your mind and your body happier and healthier.

Body Positive

Did you know that loving yourself is better for your mind, soul and body?

A 2017 study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine examined the relationship between weight-bias internalization and cardio-metabolic health. Working with adults with obesity, the researchers examined how participants felt about their bodies and measured a number of medical markers. The study found that those who internalized negative stereotypes were six times more likely to have high triglycerides and three times more likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome (a group of conditions that raise the risk for diabetes and heart disease).

Do your best to love the skin you’re in—your health depends on it! Extra credit: Join WR blogger Kelly Roberts (pictured) on a #SportsBraSquad run.

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