This Love Letter To Running Could Be From All Of Us

There may have been times you didn't think you'd make it through the long runs—but here is a reminder why we always come back for more.

A Love Letter to Running

Dear Running,

I would never have guessed that we’d end up together. It was such a random, unexpected meeting. But I’ll never forget how a little crush turned into a longterm (and long distance) relationship. I just want to let you know how I feel after all this time.

On the day we met, about eight years ago now(!) I was lost and lonely, just walking along when little thought popped in my head to run for a bit. I was on a walk, but felt like I needed to change it up and try something new. It seemed awkward, but most first times do. I wasn’t very confident, but you made me feel good about myself—so I came back for more.

Slowly (very, very slowly) I grew more comfortable with you. I wanted to spend more and more time with you. I looked forward to every mile together.

Most of the time I got lost in the moment with you. I didn’t realize I was falling in love.

Thank you for making me feel alive. Thank you for making me feel good about my body. Thank you for giving me confidence.
You probably don’t realize it but, you have changed my life. I am a better person for knowing you. You’ve introduced me to new people and places. Some of my best memories are with you.

Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs. There have been times when I felt like I needed a break. I have doubted we could make it work for the long runs.

But no matter what you’re always there for me. On good days and bad days, through tears and trips and laughs and even when I wear weird costumes; you have stood the test of time. Thank you.

I love you, Running. I hope we have many more years together.

Love Always,
Run Eat Repeat