One new runner asks Coach Hillary Kigar the question we've all struggled with: How do I stop being a self-conscious runner?

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training–including tips for runners new to the sport.

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I get so distracted when cars drive by—I feel like everyone is watching me and thinking, What is that lady doing? How do I stop from feeling so self-conscious when I run?

Consider driving to a new place where there are fewer cars and potentially even better scenery. Opt for running in a nearby park or drive to a trail where you can spend more of your time present and focused on your run rather than on the cars going by. Trees and the outdoors are a great alternative to busy roads, and the squirrels won’t judge your running form or pace! If you have to run in a busy neighborhood, create a fun new playlist to listen to while you’re putting in the miles. With your favorite artist singing in your ears you’re more likely to keep your groove and not even notice the cars that go by. Just make sure to pay attention to the flow of traffic and leave the headphones at home if you are running when it’s getting dark.


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