6 Tips To Kick Start A Healthy Eating Plan

Running and nutrition go together. So here is how you can fuel your miles with healthy eating.


A successful weight-loss program includes good nutrition along with a solid and consistent running plan. Here are six tips to help you kick-start an effective eating plan.

1. Keep It Real

Choose whole foods like fruits and veggies as well as whole grains. The less the food has been processed, the better. These recipes can help you get started

2. Spice It Up

Adding a little chili powder or pepper flakes to your meals is said to reduce appetite and boost calorie burn.

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3. Drink Up

Stay hydrated. If you do nothing else, drink at least eight or more glasses of water a day to keep you full while flushing toxins. Green tea is a good hydrator also known to control hunger and burn more calories.

Here are a few ways to add more water to your diet everyday.

4. Don’t Reward Running With Sweets

One cookie can easily wipe out the calorie deficit your morning run created. Find alternative ways to celebrate your efforts. Schedule a massage, buy a new piece of running gear or even just make time for a well earned nap. Find out how other runners reward themselves for their workouts.

5. Think Before You Eat

Think: Food is fuel. Ask yourself if you are fueling for a healthy body or sabotaging your goals.

6. Log Your Meals

But unlike the typical food log, make note of the meal you plan to have before you eat it, so you can make changes before it’s too late.

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