It Is Possible To Get Flattering Race Photos

The world's most famous fitness model has tips for perfect race day photos—and the beauty regimen to help.

Ariane Running

Bummed by unflattering race photos? Ariane—the most recognizable fitness stock image model—has tips for looking happy while running hard. Say goodbye to those embarrassing photos.

Speed up when you see the photographer. “Running for a shoot often feels like highintensity interval training,” says Ariane.

Check your form. “No flying elbows!” she says.

Think technique. “Focus on softer forefoot landing,” for less facial drag.

Smile! “The worst running images are the ones taken just after the impact, when the skin is dragged down. Try to not have your facial muscles completely relaxed. Just smile: It will keep them tight!”

Ariane has a back-to-nature skincare regimen and even when modeling, doesn’t run in a face full of makeup (like a real runner!). Try some of Ariane’s beauty favorites to prep for those photos!

Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil


Ariane mixes this with pure shea butter to moisturize her body.

Thayers Natural Remedies Alcohol-Free Original Witch Hazel Toner


She puts toner on her face every night as part of her skin routine.

Live Clean Fresh Face Smoothing Facial Scrub

smoothing facial scrub

Ariane uses a face scrub once each week to keep her skin fresh and exfoliated.

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