5 Things My “Injured” Status Has Taught Me

Powdered Feet shares five lessons she's learned while recovering from a running injury.

I’ve been struggling with injury on and off since February. Thanks to the amazing people at Finish Line PT, I’ve been progressively recovering. The process has not been as quick or as glamourous as I would have liked, but I’ve learned a lot of injury recovery lessons along the way!

Here are the five biggest lessons I’ve learned while on the path to recovery.

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Never Compare

Waking up every day with the same nagging injury can be really demoralizing–especially now that the weather is so nice. It’s easy to jump on Instagram and compare my progress (or lack thereof) with others, but it’s never useful. Recovery looks different on everyone!

Strength Training Matters

I am not a fan of picking things up and putting them down (aka weightlifting). In fact, I get bored very easily and have never successfully stuck to a plan to go to the gym. But I recognize that weak glutes continue to contribute to my injuries. I’ve taken up yoga as an alternative to weightlifting and it’s made a huge difference in my strength and my confidence in being able to try something new without immediately being an expert at the activity.

Never Take Your Health For Granted

I know that I will be 100 percent again one day very soon–but wow did I take my health and abilities for granted! It wasn’t until I had to reconsider which subway stop I was taking and whether I could manage the never-ending steps that I realized just how much I take for granted on a daily basis.

Rest Is Important

Please don’t jump from race to race and long run to long run. Take a seat and enjoy your rest. You deserve it!

This Too Shall Pass

Now that my pain is mostly gone, I actually can’t remember how painful my injury once was. Once upon a time, I thought it would never go away. When you’re feeling very defeated, just know that it ain’t over yet–this too shall pass.

Have you ever been injured? What did you learn during your recovery?


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