Incredible Photos From Great Wall Of China Marathon Inspection Day

Dorothy shares photos from the Inspection Day on the Great Wall!

Two days before the Great Wall of China Marathon took place, all runners were required to head to the start line for Inspection Day. After a 3 hour bus ride, we arrived ready to hear about the race and to climb the section of the wall that we would run come race day. The purpose of this day was so you knew what to expect, but also what you were getting yourself in to. Immediately following your completion of the wall section of the race, you were allowed to change your race distance. Meaning that if you had signed up for the marathon and realized after walking the wall that there was no way you wanted to do that two times during a 26.2 mile race, you could downgrade to the 13.1 mile distance or fun run. There were also a few brave people who upgraded to the marathon distance!

While on the wall, I was giddy! I remarked to the group I was with that I felt like a mountain goat, bounding from step to step. Needless to say, I had fun on the wall and it got me excited for the race. However I wasn’t as giddy when I woke up the next morning more sore than if I had run 26.2 miles. I tried as best I could to roll out the soreness, but on race morning it was still there. If you take on this race in the future, learn from my mistake and take it easy on the wall during Inspection Day so you have more to give come race day.

Here are some pictures from Inspection Day!